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Hi everyone,

After a few hiccups, we’re back on track. The print books are ordered and coming to us in the next week.

Digital copies have been sent to backers, and submitted to Comixology for distribution.

If you missed out and want a copy for yourself or to review for your site/blog, contact me -

Otherwise - I will be setting up a store in the next couple of days.

Keep it Toyburg folks :)


Change of artist to avoid delays.

Hey my friends,

We’ve had to switch artists on the last Torsobear story so we can avoid any further delays. The awesome Mr Giles Crawford will be taking over on art for Frank Martin’s ‘Dressed to Impress’.

Just to whet your appetite, here’s a prelim sketch he did of Toyburg fashionista Alvin Twine.

We should be back on for shipping your books really soon, towards the latter end of August. Updates as an exact date becomes clear.

Final daily sketch and Ehmm Theory winners!

Hi friends and backers,

Apologies for the wait there, making huge progress putting together the last story for the book, ‘We All Fall Down…’, with certain backers drawn in as toys, which is now half-drawn.

To cap off the Kickstarter, we would like to announce that Matt Gibbs has won the final daily sketch!

And the winners of our huge competition for three signed copies of Ehmm Theory from Action Lab Publishing are - Darren Swift, Kim Britnell & Anne Sandilands. Writer Brockton McKinney has signed them all and posted them to send out with your rewards.

Again, huge thanks to all involved in making this a success, we’ll speak very soon with a production update. As of right now, all the merchandise for the rewards is ordered.

All the best,


Thank you!! 107% funded!!

It’s been such a huge experience for us, from all of the Torsobear team, thank you all for the support and belief!
We’re off to munch some much-deserved snack foods, but will be kicking into full production as of tomorrow! Expect regular updates and behind the scenes peeks as we work our fluff off to deliver this unique book
On behalf of the Toymasters,

Story blurb - The Torsobear case

'Clean Heart, Dirty Paws', 'She Sang For Buttons, She Unstitched My Heart', 'Home Invasion' (w/ Brockton McKinney) & 'We All Fall Down, Playing It The Hard Way'.

Ruxby Bear and Hazbrow follow the Torsobear case down a dangerous road over these four parts, threatening to consume them in it’s web of deceit, murder and betrayal. Will Ruxby and his family make it out in one fluffy piece.

Brett Uren - Creator of Kuzimu, The Vale, Torsobear and other wonderfully wild comics you’ll find under a stone somewhere. A fan of things dark and eldritch. He would be a misanthrope, if he didn’t find so much to laugh at.
Sometimes a joke is just that. But if it’s a joke about dark rituals to open interdimensional gateways into pubs, then it is probably original. Creating complex stories that delve into spheres of philosophy, science and politics are only really memorable if they revolve around strange creatures. It’s true, he says, check out a myth or fable sometime. This self-styled ‘King of the Monsters’ lives in a cosy Aylesbury cave with his sired one and delicious little spawnling.

Harold Saxon - Harry Saxon was born in 1982 in Piraeus. In 1999 he started making some money by making illustrations. He works as an illustrator and comic colourist. In his spare time he reads comics, watches tv series (but not tv), he volunteers and is probably bothering people online by posting about trans peoples’ rights. He lives somewhere in “op North” with a cat and 2 humans in a house full of comics. He can potentially kick your arse so don’t challenge him, give him projects instead, as they make him happy.

Brockton McKinney - met Brett Uren in 1996 at a seedy underground bar located somewhere in Nevada, England. There they shared warm, flat beers and told stories of the comic book industry, both vowing to one day work along side each for the purpose of super-science. Today they fulfill that sacred promise with TorsoBear: Home Invasion. Brock also writes a couple comics including Ehmm Theory, Jon Bodyhunter: Intergalatic Motherf$@#er and the Killer Queen anthology story Freddie Mercury: Agent of Champion.

Mick Schubert - letters comic books. He’s worked on anthologies (including the New York Times best-selling FUBAR series, Outre, Monstrosity, Memoirs of the Mysterious, Vic Boone: Bourbon and Buckshot, and others), series (including Igor: Occult Detective, Innocence and Deviants), and more.

When not lettering, he writes comics for anthologies and his own series, participate in collaborative projects (including FAC:ABC and What Would Joe Strummer Do?) and work as a science consultant for Marvel Comics and the entertainment industry.

Story blurb - Sour In The Sweet

Haunted by a violent past. Forced into a job he hates. When faced with a loaded gun, will pride be G.I. Jay’s downfall?

Jake Young is an American writer from middle of nowhere, Illinois. Fueled by horror films, junk food, and the heaviest of metal, Jake decided to try his hand at the comics game. Earlier this year he self published his first comic, Strangled With A Halo #1, under his publishing name, Cussing At Waitresses. With issue #2 on the way and a one-shot, Purity, in the works, things are looking bright for this up and coming writer.

Randy Haldeman has a BFA in Illustration
from a small college called the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He has previously illustrated comic series ‘The Jacket’ and ‘The Midnight Redeemer’, while producing design and illustration work for commercial clients.

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ONLY 24 HOURS LEFT! Just £210 more and everyone gets an extra story, let’s make it happen friends. Bring the most ‘fluffy noir’ to the world and get FREE original artwork -

Story blurb - The Big Windup

The past isn’t like it used to be. In the early days of Toyburg the men were wood and tin, and the women were porcelain. Who cares if a few immigrant teddies get torn apart in the dark of the night. Enter young officer Hazbrow, fresh out of the block and sap behind his ears, who is going to learn a valuable life lesson about caring.

Janos Honkonen

Janos Honkonen is a Finnish writer who has tried his hand in a number of fields, from journalism through non-fiction to fiction.

In 2013 Janos published his first novel in Finnish, a speculative fiction piece called Kaiken yllä etana, and in 2012 his interactive fiction game The Rocket Man from the Sea won the yearly Spring Thing competition. Janos’ short stories have been published in Finnish and English anthologies, zines and on the internet.

Janos has made his living by working on journalism, publicity and PR, translation, language technology research, scientific research diving, sniffing acetone and grading the smell on a scale, tending bedsores, and many other things. You can see some costume props he build as a trainee in the film Iron Sky.

Saoirse Louise Towler. was born when a willow tree accidentally pollinated her mother in the late 80s and after completing a two year bramble picking apprenticeship on Discworld, Saoirse now resides in Dorset.

An avid lover of fantasy and fairytale, Saoirse enjoys using traditional methods like watercolours to create characterful illustrations, whilst other influences such as Ralph Steadman and Neil Gaiman provide a humorous and often dark element to Saoirse’s artwork.

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Oli Cornwall, you win yesterday’s ‘Stop and Search’ sketch!

Pledge today for a chance to nab this second amazing Joel Cotejar piece. I love how Hazbrow is getting deafened by Officer Nelly :)

We’ll announce more rewards soon, and our first stretch goal is £6,000, at which Jon Scrivens’ short story “‘Blockheads’ gets added to the final book in print!

Kickstarter page here- Or pledge via PayPal here -

Oli Cornwall, you win yesterday’s ‘Stop and Search’ sketch!

Pledge today for a chance to nab this second amazing Joel Cotejar piece. I love how Hazbrow is getting deafened by Officer Nelly :)

We’ll announce more rewards soon, and our first stretch goal is £6,000, at which Jon Scrivens’ short story “‘Blockheads’ gets added to the final book in print!

Kickstarter page here- Or pledge via PayPal here -